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1 Goal

Driver Advancement

While every team out there is supposedly focused on driver development, RJay Racing is focused on driver advancement.

Our difference is that we have the race cars, the team, and the experience to take you to the next level...all the way to the top.  While our focus is advancing our drivers through the ranks, we understand that every driver is on a different timeline, so we base that path on you.  Additionally, the fundamentals of driving and safety are always top concerns, so we never rush the process or forget about the basics, which ironically matter more and more the faster you go.

Simulations, data, and coaching are all important, but we believe there is no substitute for hot laps in the driver's seat, so we pack our schedule with as many test days as possible, most of which are private where it will be you and less than 5 other cars on track so you can just get out there and pound out lap after lap honing your skills and becoming one with the car and track.  

The process of joining the RJay Racing team begins with a conversation where we establish your ultimate goal and then as quickly as possible get you fitted for a seat and on a race track.  After testing we will establish the best path to your goal and then do it!  Just like there is no substitute for seat time, there is also no substitute for actually racing.  The longer you wait the further behind you will be from you competition and we are the team that is always ahead of our competition. 

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