Ryan "RJ" Saari's Personal Racing Page

RJ has been racing since 1998 when he joined the SCCA and in his rookie year won an autocross championship in his BMW E30.

When he turned 18, RJ switched to motorcycles and got licensed by Dafan Zhang with Team Promotion.  He went on to race Superbike Yamahas in GP Moto, CCS, and WERA until 2009 when he got married and decided "seatbelts are a good idea."  

After retiring from motorcycle racing, RJ rejoined the SCCA and has since built and raced many different cars.  Although RJ's main focus is off the track managing RJay Racing, he enjoys getting behind the wheel and racing "slow fast" himself.

Currently Racing:

  • 2021 Toyota Supra (SCCA STU and AER Endurance) 

  • SRF3 (SCCA Club Racing)

  • KA100 Masters Go Kart with Race Factory

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